About us

Inlimited – is a company that is searching, monitoring and analyzing Big Data.
We are the first who introduced a unique technology based on HPE IDOL in Ukraine.
Our mission is to maximize the availability of information.
The vision: we strive to become a world leader in searching, processing and analyzing Big Data.

Our principles and values:

• Workability (constant search for innovations to improve and enhance our effectiveness);

• Responsibility (willingness to take on complex problems solving);

• Flexibility (adaptability);

• Efficiency (ability to respond quickly to changes);

• Enthusiasm (professionalism in work and commitment to our ideas);

• Client-orientation (focusing on building trusting partnerships with customers).

Solutions of Inlimited make process of finding and "understanding" 100% of the necessary information possible in order to get the most accurate conception of the object of study.

We are the members of the Ukrainian National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce ICC Ukraine, partners of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, as well as market leaders such as: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Lenovo.