Digital universe - is a set of all possible information contained on the Internet: text messages, video files, audio, etc. Experts expect that it will contain around 40 trillion gigabytes of data by 2020.

Technologies that minimize human intervention are required, if the orientation and usage of such great amounts of information is needed. That is why the Big Data appearance created an analytical revolution, making a quick and reliable automated data collection, filtering, sorting and structuring possible.

Big Data - is a set of strategies and technologies that capture, store, process, analyze and visualize complex data sets.

Big Data consists of three elements:



These three elements are characterized by the following features:

Volume. Big Data allows collecting and processing vast amounts of information for any period of time.

Velocity. Big Data allows collecting and processing vast amounts of information for any period of time.

Variety. Allows simultaneously to analyze information from various formats: text messages, video files, audio clips, information from Social Media.

What is the value of Big Data for the business?

Big Data – is the Holy Grail for business. Companies have only recently started using data analytics in order to improve customer experience. At the same time, digitally evolved consumers require highly personalized approach from companies. A successful cope with these expectations is worth thinking about more complex and mature capabilities of data analysis. Big Data is the engine of digital personalization.

Successful analysis of the information environment using Big Data makes it easy and fast to obtain a relevant insights (information) from multiple sources and in various formats. Data about the behavior, interests, sentiment and consumer trends are reachable right now, so brands are able to find the breakthrough insights that enable them to create a customized experience and to generate high conversion. Customers also benefit from this process as they can get the most relevant smooth and ceaseless connection with the company that uses Big Data.

Thus, Big Data - is the inevitable future of each company, where the segmentation gives place to accurate microsegmentation, which in turn changes the approach to marketing, customer service and finance in general.