Inlimited_Analytics - is a service that allows you to process and to perform deep analytics of relevant Big Data. The opportunity of our system combined with work of the best specialists of this sphere allows to detect dependencies and trends for personalized approach to business problems’ solving of our clients.

  • Analyzes and evaluates brands’ market environment;
  • Detects and analyzes potential manufacturers / suppliers / contractors / customers for goods and services around the world;
  • Helps to improve the product by finding out the trends and desires of your customers;
  • Analyzes pricing and product range.
  • Provides deep brand analytics;
  • Conducts audits brand reputation;
  • Examines the foreign trade, investment, monetary, financial, technical and production activities of companies;
  • Helps to find necessary information on: export-import operations, partners, prices of goods / services, experience on projects closures, interviews with the owners and employees, investigative journalism, analytics and more.

Benefits of Inlimited_Analytics:

  • event detection function by creating cross-references in order to establish the causation of appearance and spread of information in the network;
  • detection function of information trends and tendencies, including analysis of users’ hidden interests;
  • thematic clusters selection and their visualization;
  • usage of more than 500 built-in functions to pick out text meanings;
  • a unique automatic semantic analysis for tracking direct and indirect references to the object of study in the messages;
  • usage of all the information that exists in network for data analysis, not just its storage and archiving;
  • recognition of images, person, voices and metadata;
  • work with data of any format (text, video, photos, audio format).