«Inlimited_Solutions» designed to optimize the flow of information by minimizing the cost of enterprise support, processing and storage of data related to these flows. This is achieved by implementing the following solutions:

    Universal search: focused on high-speed retrieval of documents, arranged in a variety of remote file storage and is based on a high-speed algorithm of HPE IDOL search.

    Key benefits:

    • high-speed search of information located on remote resources;
    • differentiation of access to information;
    • scalability and integration with external sources of information (data).

    Knowledge database is a single information space created in an organization. The main purpose of it is to build a common space to provide users with the information exchange within the organization..

    Knowledge database can include:

    • financial and legal documentation;
    • production and technological information;
    • information on the corporate rules of the organization;
    • personal experience and knowledge of employees of the organization;
    • other information and documentation, which is involved in the production process.

    Key benefits:

    • the accuracy of the information;
    • reducing time to search for information;
    • differentiation of access to information;
    • rapid adaptation of new employees;
    • improving the efficiency of collective work;
    • Reduced costs, increased employee productivity.

    The main purpose of archiving systems is a long-term storage of information, ensuring quick access to it if necessary. In order to protect data from data loss the archive needs to be securely protected. Technological architecture of an archiving system allows you to not only get quick access to information at the right time, but also provide you with secure data storage.

    Key benefits:

    • secure data storage;
    • quick access to archived data;
    • optimization of disk space when storing information.

    Due to its unique algorithm of IDOL data processing and analysis, the solution allows you to find the cause-and-effect relationships. The collected information is analysed and processed from a variety of sources, such as portable hard drives, mobile devices, removable media, and laptops.

    Key benefits:

    • information reading from different sources;
    • information reading from the internal memory of portable mobile devices (tablets, smartphones);
    • collation of information/analysis.