Inlimited_Plagiarism Detection

Inlimited_Plagiarism Detection — Inlimited_Plagiarism Detection is a service to ensure the fast and reliable detection of the facts of unfair borrowing of the results of literary works on the Internet and to protect the interests of authors and copyright holders

Inlimited_Plagiarism Detection

Benefits Inlimited_Plagiarism Detection

Conduct a conceptual "smart" search and text comparison that allows you to find similar within the meaning words, synonyms

Recognition and search for text borrowings in more than 150 languages

Ability to compare multiple documents

Ability to carry out a comparative analysis of different file formats (image, audio, video)

Hyper-fast indexing of web pages

Own database (with the ability to connect to external databases)

Fixation algorithms and reporting forms developed by the Research Institute of forensic examinations exclusively for Inlimited

Reports on fixation are valid official proof in the courts on the territory of Ukraine