Inlimited_Social Media Monitoring

Inlimited_Social Media Monitoring — is an intelligent information processing system which determines and displays everything said about you / your product / market / competitors in social media (social networks, online media, forums, blogs etc.); what consumers want and what do they dream about

Daily our platform handles more than half a million web-pages only on one given topic, so we can carry out the most accurate, fast and reliable monitoring of information field for our customers

The sources for the data monitoring of any (text, photo, video, audio) formats are:

Social networks:
Facebook, ВКонтакте, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube

Online media:
national, regional and foreign

Data from
forums, blogs, company’s websites and reviews

Inlimited_Social Media Monitoring

Benefits Inlimited_Social Media Monitoring

Social Media data is continuously monitored on a given topic on the platform in a real-time mode

Automated text tone recognition system is configured individually for the customer

Automatically track not only the direct and indirect references to the product/brand

Creating cross-references allows determining the original source of appeared information in Internet

Built-in suppression of "information noise"

The speed of delivery and notification format is tuned for business processes and customer convenience

Automatic notification system about appearance of changes

Simple and clear visualization of data is carried out by means of the user interface and technologies for online submission of the report

150+ languages available